Self Defense Moves For Escaping Wrist Grabs

Here are some easy self defense moves for men, women, even young girls to use when being grabbed by an attacker. I chose these moves because the are easy enough to be preformed by anyone, but still effective in a real fight. So let’s look at a few different grabs and how to escape them and counter attack!

Being grabbed by the wrist.

Okay, so you’re in an argument when the person suddenly grabs your wrist. Maybe he’s trying to jerk you around, maybe he’s trying to hold you still long enough to hit you. Either way, he (or she) just committed battery against you, which gives you the right to defend yourself. And the truth is that you should be using self defense in this situation. If someone grabs ahold of you, you should always consider that the beginning of an attack. So here is how you deal with it.

First, always assume you’re being held in place to be punched. With this assumption, the first thing you need to do is to stop the hit, not break the hold. The best way to do this? Get a hit in first! A quick jab to the shoulder can interrupt your opponents punch and it sets you up for a chop to the wrist of the hand that’s holding you! Nice, huh? Of course, you could also substitute the jab to the shoulder with a palm strike to the chin or nose to inflict more damage!

Being cross grabbed by the wrist

This one can be a bit trickier. This would be if the person is reaching between your bodies to grab your wrist on the opposite side. For example, he uses his right hand to grab your right wrist. The reason this is harder is simply because you can’t throw the jab into his shoulder to stop a punch. Both your and his arms are in the way for one thing, plus you would have to punch at an angle instead of straight across. Which can be tricky, given the fact that the shoulder of his punching arm will be slanted away from you. A quick strike to the face can still be possible, followed of course by the chop to his wrist, but there is another move you might want to use as well.

When he grabs your wrist you are going to bend and rotate your arm at the elbow. First bring it toward your stomach, then rotate it up so that your hand is facing straight up at the sky. This in and of itself won’t break his grip on you, but the sudden reaction can delay his attack, plus it sets you up for what comes next. Now if you are picturing this in your head (or practicing with a partner) then you should realize that his arm is stretched out in front of you at chest level. All you need to do is hit his elbow with a palm strike. This will definitely break his grip, and potentially damage his arm. And in my mind, getting out of a pin and doing damage to your attacker is a GREAT self defense move!

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