Routines Can Make You A Target For Assault

It is not hard to come to the conclusion that women are the primary targets for all kinds of violence. A quick check of the police blotter in any city will confirm that suspicion. You can also make the correct assumption that many of the bad guys are lazy, which is why they choose an easy target, and generally not very intelligent.

Since many of the female victims are just the opposite - industrious, intelligent women, the question can be asked - "What are these women doing to make themselves easy targets?"

One of the answers is that victims tend to fall into the trap of doing things on a routine basis that lead to establishing habits which makes for easy assaults.

For example, a growing number of assaults occur in grocery store or parking lots during the day. There are a number of reasons this happens: Women often go shopping alone or with young children. They are frequently and easily distracted by talking on a cell phone, by handling the kids or by pushing a grocery cart, making them less attentive to their surroundings. They also have the keys to a get away vehicle in their possession, if that should become necessary. Any and all of these behaviors contribute to making an easy target.

Here are four things you can do to increase your safety. While this list is not all inclusive, choosing to do just one of them will lessen your chances of becoming a victim.

    In an office situation take the elevator instead of the stairs. The stairs frequently are not well lit and provide good places for an assault.While it is a great way to get some exercise, stair climbing can be a hazard to your safety.

    If you are confronted with an assailant, believe it or not, the best thing you can do is take off. Only 2% of all assailants are armed. If he should happen to shoot, chances are he will miss. Unlike what we see in the movies and television, a moving target is very hard to hit.

    Always carry something you can use for your self defense

    If an assailant gets too close be ready to use your self-defense weapon. A charged stun gun displays an intimidating sight and sound show that is frequently enough to scare an assailant away. While it may not deter a hardened criminal who is hell bent ( literally) on doing you harm, it will usually deter the two bit thug who is the perpetrator of most crimes.

Be mindful of your routines and stay safe!

Wendy Megyese is a Deputy Sheriff and a Self Defense Expert. Her passion is educating and empowering law abiding citizens with self defense tools and techniques so they can be victors and not victims. Visit her website at to find the best self defense and survival products.

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