Self Defense Tips For Working Women

Women are always considered to be delicate and sensitive beings. Is there a thought that women cannot defend themselves on their own? Yes, there is always a fixed approach that women are weak and they cannot defend themselves and always need men's help. Let's prove this approach wrong. Women can defend not only their selves but can also defend their family members.
With the modified changes in many things women are also competing with men. For self-defense like men, if they are trained in a proper manner they can defend themselves and prove to be strong and confident.

Here I would like to discuss the women who are working. Working women have high risk of self-defense as compared to the women who are house ladies. We heard news of the ladies who are raped, sexually assaulted and kidnapped when they are out for working. Mugging is another issue for such women. Working women have to move daily to work place, and even at the work place they have security issues. I would like to suggest some tips to those women who are concerned to their self-defense when they are on the way to their workplace or at the work place.

Be Confident:
The very first and most important issue is about being confident. Your confidence is your power. The attackers feel it easy to victim those ladies who seem to be scared or lack self-confidence. Your body language shows your confidence; so show attitude and confidence when you are out.

Learn Some Tactics:
You should learn some self defense tactics, as you know you have to go out and work daily. In offices too you can face issues regarding self-security so try to join institute of training for self-defense or martial arts or you can learn some basics from your social circle.

Use Your Body Parts:
If by hard luck you encounter attack try to use your body parts like head, arms and legs. You can hit the attacker by your head, kick him using legs and punch him or hit him with your elbow.

Keep Defensive weapons:
Always keep defensive weapons in your bag like stun gun, pepper spray, teaser or personal alarms.

Never Use A Similar Path Daily:
Try to change the paths of going to the work place and back from there. You can change the path alternatively. In this way no one will be sure of your traveling paths. Because the attackers first observe, daily routes and then attack and always use busy paths.

Be Punctual:
Ladies should always try to wind up their work on time. Coming back to home late night is risky. Your office timings should be safe for you.

Hope all these suggestions will really help the working women. They can easily move and can defend if encounter attack.

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