3 of the Best Karate Martial Arts Techniques Revealed!

If you wish to learn street-based survival methods that REALLY WORK, then learn from someone who has the personal experience of actually fighting for REAL! During my younger (and more disobedient) days, I needed to learn really fast how to survive in a state penitentiary. Later, I also was forced to defend myself as a bouncer. Within this period of my life, I gained personal experience in fighting that I'd like to share with you now. Use them in conjuncture with the martial arts training you may already have.

So, let's say that a man is trying to take your money, or even sexually assault you. These simple, yet effective, tips could save your life. Naturally, you won't find any of these moves being performed in any tournament. They aren't even taught in many dojos. But when you need to defend yourself or your family in a life or death situation, they can make all the difference in the world.

The first karate martial arts tip we'll cover is biting. Basically, you should bite your enemy EVERY chance you get! Your assaulter exposes a finger - BITE IT! Many other chances to bite your attacker may present themselves, too. Basically, the "sky's the limit" when it comes to biting. A nose, ear, arm, thigh, eyebrow, cheek, or lip all make excellent places to bite. And don't forget the groin! If you are taken to the ground in a grappling-type situation, you become even more of a powerful adversary with these bites. "What about the BLOOD?" Okay, here's the thing - blood MAY or MAY NOT be contaminated. Sure, you COULD infect yourself. But doing NOTHING most likely WILL get you killed! So make your choice. What's worse, the POSSIBILITY of infection, or the CERTAINTY of death? The point being, biting is extremely effective.

Another fine karate martial arts tip is kicking for the shins, knees, and especially the groin. Be prepared to be thrown on your butt if this guy grabs your foot, though. Practice jumping up quickly from a laying position on the floor just in case this happens to you in a real fight. On the streets, it's a good rule of thumb to keep your kick BELOW the belt (unless he's knelling and the opportunity presents itself to boot him in the head). In doing so, you'll maintain balance, and keep your attacker at bay. For that matter, when it comes to kicking, don't be afraid to employ the nastiest "sneak attacks" you can possible come up with. Looking for the "flawless victory?" Okay, you MAY still get hit, but this truly is a "winning" combo. First, smash your heel down on the top of his foot. Next, boot his shins. Finally, finish up with a blow to the groin, and we have a "WINNER" ladies and gentlemen! Sadly enough, you must let all compassion go, adopting raw and primitive BRUTALITY, to survive a real assault!

One more great karate martial arts tip is to continually train with street-based techniques that are actually effective in defending against unrehearsed moves. Basically, you need to actually practice FIGHTING - not just what to do for a scripted and perfectly-timed kick or punch. Spar in a big open field, or your backyard. Then fight in a tight corridor! Try mixing it up in a tiny attic or shed, and make note of the immense difference. When I had to defend myself in prison, in was usually in some cramped corridor measuring a narrow width of just five feet! Learning various methods and fighting styles, on flat or rugged ground, and with big or wiry guys is not only helpful in surviving a street fight, it's IMPERATIVE!

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